Fitness Is A Way of Life

It takes a mountain of motivation to rise from your warm cozy bed hours before the sun rises and start a workout regimen. For some, the work day begins right after the workout. Wait! Work? After a 30 minute circuit training with Tha Box's O. David DeBerry, you still have to go in to work … Continue reading Fitness Is A Way of Life


The Country Life Adventure

Just in case you didn't know, I was born in South Carolina. I've been fortunate in my lifetime to live in other countries and in other states. If I had to choose another state to live in, however, it would be Tennessee. I love that place. Not as much as I love South Carolina though. … Continue reading The Country Life Adventure

The Old Man, The Woods, and The Mountains

Old man Nerrad loved to show off his pictures. He'd show them to anyone who would  spend 2 minutes to gander. He was showing them to a group of people one afternoon when a question bellowed from the mouth of a youth. "Why do you take so many pictures of nature and the woods old … Continue reading The Old Man, The Woods, and The Mountains

Discovering South Carolina -Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

Over the last month, I've had the opportunity to travel quite extensively between the Carolinas. The natural beauty of these two states just from the perimeter of the interstates and country roads I've traveled is enough to draw you closer. Not everyone gets the chance to explore the places I've been fortunate enough to see. … Continue reading Discovering South Carolina -Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

Dreher Island-A South Carolina Hidden Retreat

Here lately I've been pretty excited about my sudden need to explore the state in which I grew up. As my tenure in Charleston is a few days from the end, Conway is my city of residence now. I'll soon be embarking on an exploration journey of Myrtle Beach life. We'll get to that when … Continue reading Dreher Island-A South Carolina Hidden Retreat

Discovering South Carolina-Musgrove Mill

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I spent my first eight-teen years right in the small town of Latta which is approximately a half hour drive north of Florence. And two years after I graduated, I went on to be reborn on Parris Island and left there three months later as a United … Continue reading Discovering South Carolina-Musgrove Mill