The Separation of Church and Morality

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One of my least favorite things in society is politics. Politics is present in almost every facet of life. It is an important part of our government and is a part of our work environments. Politics is also very present in our places of worship. By definition, politics is the art or science of government.  I do understand that politics is a necessity. Without it, there would be no structure in our governments, on our jobs and in our places of worship. I think that where things go awry is when the fiber of politics becomes saturated with personal agendas and corruption.

During an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS, Prince made a comment about our government that made me think even deeper about the content of his statement. He said, “You can have separation of church and state but you can’t have separation of state and morality”. When he spoke those words, I immediately thought of the disagreements that ensued over the elimination of the Ten Commandments from government and school properties. Is there a need for God anywhere anymore?

As I pondered Prince’s statement more, I thought of the condition of our nation’s churches. What happens when there is a separation of church and morality? How can the church not be a place that overflows with morals? I think we first have to understand the meaning of church. You and I are the church. We carry the church inside us. We take the church inside us to a building where we worship and fellowship in His name. As Christians, we are representatives of Christ and carry ourselves in such a manner.  The church in us makes us moral creatures doesn’t it? Well, we are until the church in us and our moral character becomes separated.

When the church in us and morality become separated, a host of issues can stem from it. So as one church becomes unraveled morally, so does another and then another. What tends to happen is that these separated churches still gather for fellowship Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings because some of us are pastors, preachers, teachers, praise team members, and musicians. We still have assignments that have to be carried out and we don’t want anyone to know that we are having issues with morality. Consequently, we end up with malice, arguments, sexual immorality, hot topic gossip, and divorce in our place of worship. When all of these issues are brought into the place of worship, they cause the church body to be separated from each other.

How do we bring this separation of church and morality back into perspective as it relates to God and carry out our assignments as we were designed to do? As a Christian community, we have to keep the church inside us wrapped in the arms of morality. I know that we are fallible and this Christian life is not easy. But God never promised us it would be. If the image our church presents to the world is no different than the world itself, how can we expect to change anything?

3 thoughts on “The Separation of Church and Morality

  1. Thank you for sharing this article. It is sad to see the condition that the church is in, as for as I can see naturally speaking, but nevertheless it is not surprising to me because the Bible speaks about the immorality, and those that will fall away from The Faith. It is to occur and so it is.

    I think about politics, the state, the church, and moral as seperate entities. The church is a Spirit breathing morals that the state, or politicians may be dead too, and that’s okay so to speak. Let me explain. To me, what is important is that who ever sits in the offices of our government, as well as state officials, and leadership within the natural churches, should have values and morals that reflect both God and what is good and wholesome for mankind.

    When people understand that the church is not just brick and mortar, then the stresses will dissolve. God has to be within you because people who practice immorality are everywhere, including church buildings, the government, and the state. Know the Ten Commandments for yourself. God said He will carve His words within the heart of His people. In other words, if evil entities remove religious images or literature from off the walls or shelves, it will not affect one’s belief in God because it lives within them. Period. Images are part of the reason some people of the Islamic faith react the way they do when the Quran is burnt. But if you know what you claim you’re convicted by, then how can someone destroying an object send you off into the deep end.

    I thank God for a president that believes in God. I thank God for good pastors and leaders of the church. Because when they’re good( full of morals) in the the natural church, their spirits are well connected to the Spirit that governs ALL morality–The Most High God, who created morals. God is the only reason morals exist, not man. Men and women have to be elevated in their minds and spirits, they have to not only feel but know why they’re convicted, or set apart from those who are moraly empty or polluted.

    No one is perfect but people who aren’t connected to GOD want feel the need for Him or anything concerning Him. In the end, all that truly matters is a relationship with God. See, when you operate in a relationship with God, you can clearly understand why those who practice immorality do so without conviction, rather they’re in the church, government, or working for the state. People need to get to know God for themselves because wrongdoing is happening everywhere and only what you know about YOU being in relationship with God, will help you to overcome all of the pollutants that we experience as people, even in high places. No, we as people are not perfect though we walk in a relationship with God either. We don’t have to be. We just have to be real…with morals.

    I’m going to stop because I know that I tend to be long-winded when it comes to the subject of God. I loved the article. Peace

    • Madam, thank you for your comment and you highlight some very good points. I especially like when you said that God is the reason that morals exist and not man. That is powerful. If man (we) were the basis on which moral standards would be set, oh my. Thank you for your insight.

      God Bless!

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