The Invincible You

Weakness: 1 of 8

Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fall”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

I’ve come to find out that my composition is more than just a heart and mind and body. I am more than meets the eye. You, too, are more than meets the eye. When I look at you, I am impressed by what I see. On the surface I see a person who is confident evident by the intensity of your stride. When I hear you speak, I am moved by the content of your sentences because those words are an expression that often represent the very best of you. What I am most impressed by, however, is that thing in you I can’t see and those words you speak that I can’t hear. It is that trait in you that is invisible to the naked eye that allows you to overcome the most difficult of obstacles. You have overcome obstacles that would have left me right at the feet of failure. I couldn’t have made it through what you’ve made it through. Likewise, you couldn’t have made it through what I’ve made it through. We all have our battles and we all have a certain degree of invincibility that allows us to rise up every time we fall. Do you know the invincible you?

You know more about yourself than anyone else in the room with you. You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses. However, what we tend to give power to on a consistent basis is our weaknesses. Because we spend so much time courting our weaknesses, we fail to give recognition to our strengths. Therefore, we can not develop what we do not acknowledge. If we continue to give oxygen to our weaknesses, we suffocate our strengths and eliminate any chance to resuscitate them. We are then filled with our weaknesses and anything we are filled with we become under the influence of. Let it be our desire right now to redirect our flow of oxygen. This is where the invincible you lies ready to be commissioned for duty.

Making up your mind to release the invincible you on a daily basis is only the beginning of the journey. Understand that because you have decided to give life to your strengths instead of your weaknesses, your weaknesses will continue to want to be acknowledged. Go ahead and acknowledge them. Quite frankly, there are going to be some things you just can’t do and that’s okay. However, do not let what you can’t do tell you what you can’t do. I can’t speak English well although I was born in this country. My inability to speak perfect English doesn’t deter me from giving a presentation at church or work. To get to know and maintain contact with the invincible you, you will have to implement the process of elimination.

Eliminate Obstacles

Procrastination is a direct enemy of the invincible you. It is that glass shield that places itself in front of you that allows you to see your goal clearly but blocks your way to it. So we sit down and watch that goal day after day and say that we will break that glass shield tomorrow. It is in your best interest to break that glass today and don’t allow another one to stand in your path.

Fear has caused many of us to remain ordinary when God intended for us to be extraordinary. Instead of being invincible, fear has caused us to become vulnerable. So if greatness and effectiveness are tenants in your house, why do we allow fear to be the landlord to evict them? It is well past the time that you evict fear so that greatness and effectiveness can maintain their rightful place in your life.

Bad habits are another enemy to your invincibility factor. Because we are human and we have the propensity to err, we allow bad habits to dictate our actions. Again, when we are filled with something, we become under the influence of that something. Therefore, we have to empty ourselves of the bad and replace it with the good even when it means we have to be reduced in status to be reconstructed in stature.

Carriers are perhaps more of a threat to the invincible you than procrastination, fear, and bad habits alone. The reason is that these people with whom you associate with can be transporters and deliverers of all three of the elements we want to eliminate. So, if they are carriers, they will ultimately infect you with the very things that you want to rid yourself of. You want to be invincible. How can you if you remain in the same humid climate of your carriers? Remove yourself abruptly.

When we eliminate the elements that are designed to keep us vulnerable, we remain in sync with our invincible selves. However, we have to understand that we can not be invincible without the grace and mercy of the most invincible one who is God. When we love on and believe in Him and practice His Son’s ways, we are unconquerable. Whatever we ask in His name shall be given. Go ahead and step into the invincible you.

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